Stage Actors/Actresses

Here’s an obviously incomplete list of some of the great live theatre performers who are out there. If there’s someone you want information about please leave it in a comment below and I’ll do my best to find your information – or someone else may leave a response with the information you’re looking for!

If you have information about a performer (either one who is listed here or isn’t listed yet) please visit the CONTRIBUTE PAGE and fill out some information!

[Note: This is a totally unmanageable way to list performers, does anyone know how to create drop-down menus on a wordpress page??]

Bohmer, Ron

Carmello, Carolee

Daniels, Nikki Renee

DeRosa, Stephen

Fischer, Allison

Genet, Michael

Goldblatt, J.D.

Hill, Roderick

Joseph, Sandra

Kready, Jeff

MacLaughlin, Sean

Mandrella, Anne

Panaro, Hugh

Peluso, Christ

Sarich, Drew

Stanek, Jim

Stewart, Patrick

Swenson, Will

Wilson, Steve

Wilson, Tomar

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